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      On a hot summer’s day in southern Missouri, two unexpected souls fell victim to the power of true love.  Neither, David or Dana were looking for love, but they found that in the blink of an eye, your soul mate can be standing there right next to you. 
      Yes, a single moment in time changed their lives forever, as both their hands and souls intertwined into one.  It was in that single moment that they were given the gift of true love, and it was in the days and years that followed that they would come to find the depths and strength of that love.
      God did not devise a simple road to happiness for the two of them.  Instead, he gave them a taste of true love, and then took them on separate paths, leaving them yearning for the love that they knew existed.  Over the years, they would come to question if it was truly possible to have fallen in love at first sight or if it was something only of which fairy tales were made.
      In attempts to move on with their lives, they vowed to forget the other and accept what life had dealt them.  Yet, only to learn that resisting what was in their hearts was futile.  Their only hope to survival was to accept that this love would always be a part of them, living silently in their heart, as they would forever be going in different directions.
      Travel with them as they learn that love has no rules.  It does not follow a single path, and along the way many surprises may await.  Watch as a single moment in time, changes their lives once again. 
“Do not question how love came to be,
but instead learn to appreciate every moment
you are given with the one you love.”  
                                                                   – Donna L. Jones